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More Responsibility As Regional Vice President


When I got my promotion to regional vice president of my company, my tasks changed and I had much more responsibility than I ever had before at my job.  I was excited for the challenge and a little intimidated by the role.  I had managed people before but was never given an opportunity to create big changes within the company.  One of the reasons I was promoted was because our company underwent a drastic transition from one sector to another.  We had to let go of many people and hire new employees.  One of my biggest tasks was to make sure that proper training was provided to my staff.

I never knew there were so many courses for health and safety learning and training.  I remember going through stacks of textbooks and course descriptions making sure I was picking out the accurate courses for my staff.  Due to the huge transition to our company, training for everybody was a huge cost and also took up most of everybody’s time.  People had to put their projects on hold to take their courses and do assignments.  I tried to lighten things up by bringing in coffee and donuts for everyone every Friday morning.  So far, it’s been a good response, and I think people believe I’m doing a good job.

I learned from this task that you can’t please everybody.  There’s always going to be someone out there who doesn’t agree with you or your methods.  There will probably also be someone out there who doesn’t like you and never will.  Instead of trying to change those people or change their minds, just let it be.  As long as you agree to disagree and can still work together and be civil, everything will be fine.  For example, I had one employee who didn’t want to take the heights working and training information because they thought that it didn’t apply to their position in any way.  However, I thought it was important because they can be placed in situations where heights may apply to their job.  After the employee took the course, they came and let me know that the information provided in course training was actually very valuable and thanked me for making them take the course.

I try really hard to make sure that whatever I’m doing will affect people in a good way.  I believe that because I’ve been given more responsibility, I’m able to do more good for a larger number of people.  I’m taking my job very seriously and hope that I can continue this good streak.

Revitalizing My Life

When I turned 40, it was a huge life change for me.  I wasn’t the young guy who could go out and drink 3 days in a row anymore.  Not that I’ve done that for even the past 5 years.  Things were different, and I needed to change.  It started with work.  I got promoted to regional vice president of my company, therefore many more responsibilities were put on my shoulders.  In my family life, my wife also announced that we were having another baby.  That makes our already crazy family with 3 little kids running around.  So when I turned 40, I knew that I had to make some life changes for the better.

I used to eat junk food and fast food everyday.  Of course my wife never found out because I used to go out for lunch and sneak in snacks into the house.  I quickly gained a lot of weight which wasn’t such an issue at work until they promoted me.  Part of the responsibilities of being regional vice president was that I had to travel to different cities and do presentations.  However, as I gained more weight, I could feel myself becoming more tired and sluggish easily and all the traveling was taking a toll on my body.  This is another huge reason that I had to make a life change.


So a month after I got my promotion, I quit junk food and fast food.  I started exercising by playing with my kids and going to the gym.  Through exercise, I needed less sleep and also became more aware at work.  I’ve started different projects at work and have been leading my team to many successes.  Life is good because I turned it around.  It wasn’t easy and I’m not finished, but I’m definitely heading in the right direction.

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